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The new collection is a beautifully balanced; presenting additions to existing collections as well as introducing a couple of new collections.

The new product compliments the Interra collection and provides an array of interior design options, especially in regards to upholstered items.

We will start by introducing the Blume collection, consisting of the Blume Chair, Blume Lounge and Blume coffee tables.

The collection is created with elegance and sophistication as inspiration.

However the true beauty is in the details; the frame of the Blume chair and tables, created with 3 tubes combined to one elongated tube, which pays homage to Art Deco. The frame is what really shows the through and work that went into designing the Blume collection.

The Blume Tables, have the same frame design as the Blume chairs, which creates a unique look while making it the perfect companion for the Blume chair. Of course per Pedrali usual, the Blume table comes with an array of top and powder-coating options to create an even more unique look.

The Toa table is another new addition with tapered bridge legs and a lightweight and minimalistic top (again the top is as always customizable). The frame is also customizable as it can be powder coated to fulfill all desires.

Less is more! This could not be more true when it comes to the new Rail sun lounger. Rail is a versatile and modern design. The simplicity and modern Scandinavian design make it a beautiful piece to lounge ones well as dress up any outdoor lounge area.

The new Panarea chair and lounger is a woven outdoor chair; hand woven with 87 yards polypropylene, which makes the chair elegant while maintaining the quality and durability of any outdoor piece. The wide and curved backrest creates an original geometrical pattern and wraps around the steel frame.

Having introduced the new collections, we move on to the new additions to the collections we already know and love. We have the new Remind armless, originally introduced last year, we are happy to meet a slimmer, more lightweight version, making it the perfect chair for any fluid space.

The Soul upholstered gives the Soul a completely new expression, with a move from a polycarbonate seat to an upholstered seat. It gives the chair an air of sophistication, which makes the Soul chair suitable for an array of different settings.

Introducing the future of furniture (if nothing else a standard to strive for)!! The new Babila XL is a bigger, more playful addition to the already hugely popular Babila collection. The most amazing part of this chair is not the wide, comfortable seat and backseat with just the right amount of give, but rather that fact that this chair is made 100% from recycled material; 50% post-consumer waste and 50% industrial waste. We cannot get our arms down!!! this is such an amazing chair that simultaneously takes the environment into consideration.

The Babila XL is also available with a removable fabric sleeve*.

•Pro Trick to keep the chair 100% recycled: choose a fabric from the Re-wool collection; wool made completely from recycled wool!

The Reva collection might just be one of my personal favorites, which makes the new Reva Twist especially exciting. The steel backrest and armrests are woven with a flat rope in weather-resistant polypropylene, for a more natural appearance, which is complemented by the big fluffy cushions for optimal comfort. Furthermore, the contrast in color allows the woven frame to stand out against the white cushions. The Reva Twist adds a dash of playfulness to an already amazing collection.

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