Need a Little Design Inspiration? Here Are the 5 Best Way to Get It

Looking for inspiration? Don't have a vision? need a little guidance? 

We have gathered some of the most innovative and helpful interior design apps to inspire or flat out design your space because sometimes you just need a little help getting your vision and creativity going! 

Check out these 5 awesome apps that will get you through any designs conundrum!


Need quick (and Cheap!) interior design advice. Check out the Havenly App.

Havenly analyzes your style and creates suggestions through these. After uploading a photo of the room in question, Havenly matches you with a talented interior designer to provide advice and inspiration for your space - seriously, so easy! Taking it a step further, Havenly also allows you to hire an interior designer to decorate the complete space for a small fee.

Also, a little side note; Havenly’s first brand ambassador is Bobby Berk (The amazing interior designer in Queer Eye), so we know it has to be good ;)

Palette Cam

Color pallets are not always the easiest thing to play around with. What is the perfect blue in relation to the new velvet curry mustard pillows you just got for your dark green couch? 

Okay, I might have gone a little color overboard there, but that is exactly why this app is awesome. 

It allows you to focus on a core color to decorate around.

once you have your colors head over to Pantone Studio to find the exact name and number of the color. Voila! before you know it you will have the most wonderful color palette in the world. 

Home Design 3D

This App is quite the little genius.

It allows you to import your floorplan in 2D or 3D and import any furniture you would like to view in the space. This way you can see the whole Interra Collection come to life in your space and create the perfect look! Home Design also allows you to share your vision for collaboration and we all know a little sparring goes a long way!

This app is amazing for small cafe’s bistros or office spaces where hiring an interior designer might be too costly, however, you still want that interior design look.


The HomeStyle app is similar to the Home Design app, however, the layout and user-friendliness make it a true pleasure to work in.

The HomeStyler is known as the  “virtual fitting room”, and allows users to try different looks on the snapshots of their room. The furniture, fixtures, and other decorative items are available in 3-D formats so you have a better understanding of how everything will look before you start your design vision. A “Design Gallery” is also available where you can see how others are redecorating as well as share your ideas.


An oldie but a goodie! You have probably heard of Pinterest, whether you use it or not, but that doesn’t negate the wonder that Pinterest is.

And, c’mon what is an interior design blog post without mentioning the most epic inspirational app there is! 

Pinterest allows you to “Pin” everything you love, categorized into different mood boards to bookmark future craft projects, furniture purchases or simple outline your #decorinspiration or #interiordesigngoals

You can also share your boards, making it super easy to showcase your vision with anyone and everyone. 

 We love these apps, but we are also more than happy to help with recommendations for the perfect piece of furniture from the Interra Collection.

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