5 Outdoor Furniture Pieces That Create The Perfect Lounge Vibe

Check out the new additions to the Interra Collection! It is, true to form, the most beautiful Italian furniture.

With the new collection, we aim to expand out lounge seating and outdoor range to include more cushiony comfort in the form of sunloungers, lounge sectionals, and lounge sets, while getting the cream de la cream of Italian design. 

The first new member of our collection is the LOVE EVO lounge set. Now, this set comes in a cozy dark grey or a refreshing beige and is created with thick horizontal weaving on the side, and combined with the outdoor rated sunbrella covered cushions we get a true lounge vibe from these. 

The next set we are introducing to our collection is Belize. It's not just the name that is exotic, the beautiful set exudes summer and lounging. The weaving is thinner and a bit more delicate than the LOVE EVO set which gives it a more elegant look. 

Moving on to the Santa Cruz set. A very modern design with clean lines combined with the comfort of fluffy cushions. This collection stands out by having a simplistic beauty to it, which makes it perfect for any poolside lounge or cocktail hangout. The frame is aluminum and the backseat is covered with an acrylic rope which is Teflon treated to protect it from the weather. 

Next up, meet the beautiful Brera! Staying true to the outdoor collection, we have weaving on the armrest and back, however, Brera is woven with a much thicker rope filled with polyethylene which gives the design a super cozy look to fit the comfort of the sectional. 

Last, but not in any way the least! Moon might even be one of the most inviting lounge pieces we have in the new collection.

Moon is a big round shape that allows you to snuggle up with a loves one under the night sky or have a major lounge sesh with a drink and a great book all on your own! The weaving is the same as the Brera which compliments the size of the lounger perfectly. Moon is truly an elegant statement piece. 

We have introduced 5 different product families, to provide an idea of the styles we are introducing, but alas there is way more to be explored in our new collection. 

With the new collection, we wanted to focus on something we felt was missing, namely the big bold lounge pieces for outdoor areas! Don't forget to check out the complete new collection HERE!!

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