The Si-Si Collection is an extraordinary assembly of chairs that transcend conventional boundaries. With its eclectic, chameleon-like nature and utilization of diverse materials, this collection goes beyond mere aesthetics. Its true strength lies in its ability to intelligently navigate the delicate balance between indoor and outdoor environments.

At the core of the Si-Si Collection is a range of chairs, each featuring a single body seamlessly affixed to an elegant frame. This ingenious design allows the chair to effortlessly transform into a supportive backrest or a comfortable seat, adapting to the needs of any space. The name Si-Si, repeated twice, pays homage to the inherent duplicity of this extraordinary element.

Comprising of one frame and four distinct 'bodies' crafted from an array of textures and materials, the Si-Si Collection is perfectly suited for a diverse range of settings. Its adaptability knows no bounds. Building upon the success of its outdoor counterpart, Si-Si Bold emerges as the natural evolution of this visionary collection. Anticipated to make its grand entrance in 2023, Si-Si Bold will captivate the indoor contract and retail market, further solidifying the Si-Si Collection as the epitome of style, comfort, and versatility.