DRESS_CODE draws inspiration from the principles of haute couture, skillfully blending various colors, structures, and textures of both indoor and outdoor fabrics. In our collection, we present not only smooth and sheet-like fabrics but also square quilted and wave-shaped padded versions. The quilting and padding techniques not only add a graphic element but also enhance the overall comfort of the pieces.

Taking a cue from the fashion world, we embrace the concept of matching sets. Alongside the DRESS_CODE seating, we offer a range of casual coffee tables. These tables can be used individually or partially overlapped in terms of height and shape, creating a visually appealing arrangement. The tabletops come in metal, HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), and our innovative carbonated cork, resting on a coated metal base with a tubular section that mirrors the design of the armchair.

By combining these elements, DRESS_CODE aims to furnish relaxation spaces with a touch of unconventional glamour, inviting you to unwind in style.