Introducing our Hug collection, crafted with certified regenerated post-consumer industrial PCR technopolymer. This innovative material is derived from the processing and regeneration of production residues, utilizing renewable energy sources. By using this sustainable approach, we have achieved a superior level of quality and ethics.

The Hug chair and armchair feature a unique design element, a band that embraces the user, situated between the rounded and balanced seat and back for optimal comfort. This element sets it apart, offering a luxurious experience suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. We believe in harmonizing aesthetic codes across environments, making it an ideal choice for any space.

The collection is available in two variants. The first is a visually striking option entirely made of technopolymer, showcasing a captivating embossed striped motif along the band. The second variant is more graceful, featuring a seat cushion and a fabric-covered padded band, enhancing the enveloping comfort.

The designers behind the Hug collection, Meneghello Paolelli and S•CAB, describe it as the culmination of their collaboration—a complex and ambitious project that addresses contemporary issues of usability and sustainability, reflecting the values of our society today.

While technically a technopolymer monocoque, Hug is a flexible system that allows for various chair and armchair configurations. Its versatility extends beyond outdoor use, seamlessly integrating into interior spaces, where certain parts can be covered with fabric. We have paid meticulous attention to both the decorative aspect and functionality, evident in our textile variants. The catalog offers a selection of soft shades, including neutrals, light blues, biscuit color, black, and white. These colors are enhanced with a melange effect and visible weft, providing a captivating choice. Additionally, we present the new sage green and caramel shades alongside timeless passe-partout colors such as linen, dove grey, anthracite, mustard, and olive green for the shells.