Introducing Artesia, the epitome of practicality and comfort. Designed by Forsix, this collection stands out as the ultimate combination of versatility and functionality, setting new standards for easy assembly and unbeatable stackability. Artesia's sleek and refined design is tailored for various settings such as conference rooms, waiting areas, meetings, and public spaces. Its rationality is further accentuated by a range of vibrant modern colors, allowing seamless tonal coordination or deliberate contrasting to emphasize its inherent flexibility.

Created with meticulous attention to detail, Artesia's design, strikes the perfect balance between understated elegance and technical finesse. This makes it an ideal choice for enhancing the ambience of prestigious hospitality settings, including hotels, restaurants, and bars. The Artesia stool, with its stackable feature, boasts a technopolymer shell and a metal rod frame, both available in a selection of trendy and lively colors.