Whats New? Visiting #PedraliPalaceofWonders at Salone del Mobile in Milano

A couple of weeks back the Interra Designs team took a trip to Milan to visit our friends over at the Pedrali booth. As an exclusively Pedrali dealer, we make sure to work closely with Pedrali to get the inside scoop on all the new collections. It is always a pretty awesome trip and this year was no exception.

Stepping into Pedrali’s Palace of Wonders truly reflects the Pedrali style. The simplicity and grandioseness of the exterior of the booth left great expectations to what lay behind.

10 showrooms surrounded a courtyard filled with Pedrali furniture and an abundance of plants, which made you feel like you left Salone del Mobile and entered a wonderful world of amazing design, quality furniture and champagne. Needless to say, it was pretty amazing and so were the new collections, so let’s just get right into it.

Even though the ‘Remind’ Chair was first introduced at Salone del Mobile in 2018, it was introduced once again this year, however, this time with an added special feature. Making the chair even more unique than before; the soul pixels, which form any design in the chair, whether this is something as romantic as heart or something as customized as a logo, the pixels can be arranged to satisfy any design desire. We really liked the possibilities the pixels provide.

With the new ‘Héra’ chair Pedrali allows for two very different expressions in one chair. On the one hand, the light Ash wood sends off an air of Scandinavian simplicity while the American walnut exudes a more bohemian vibe. This combined with the many different fabric options for the seat, Pedrali introduces a chair that embodies lightness, natural raw material, comfortable curves as well as elegance. Placed in soft pastel setting the ‘Héra’ chair both stands out while fitting in perfectly.

The Library setting introduced the new ‘Folk’ chair; combining the classic wooden chair and the colorful polypropylene detail in the seat. The ‘Folk” chair has a variety of expressions as it also comes upholstered and with a natural cane woven seat, which has the well-known durability of Pedrali products thanks to the steel wire discretely woven into the cane seat. In the library setting, we were also introduced to the minimalistic ‘To-Be’ light, which is so amazing in its simplicity. Cylinder lights are very much up and coming and as Pedrali offers the ‘To Be’ light in a variety of different colors, it is bound to become a very popular staple in the Pedrali collection.

The ‘Soul’ chair merges two very different material which Guiseppe Pedrali spends years working on. The natural curve and movement of the wood is not something you would normally combine with the strength of the polycarbonate seat, however, Pedrali manages to combine tradition with innovation, making the ‘Soul’ its very own. Pedrali also introduces an outdoor version, made of aluminum with a teak wood seat for lightness as well as strength.

‘Tribeca’ and ‘Buddy’ were actually introduced respectively last year and 2 years ago, however this year at Salone both collections gained new seating.

The ‘Tribeca’ Lounge pays tribute to the classic 1960’s patio furniture, with the well know quality and comfort of Pedrali. Each individual Tribeca chair is hand woven ensuring optimal quality in every chair; it’s pretty amazing.

The incredibly friendly ‘Buddy’ collection is also expanded with the ‘Buddy’ sofa. This sleek design combines comfort with simplistic elegance. The many different fabrics available gives ‘Buddy’ an array of expressions, making it suitable for many different environments.

Here at Interra Designs, we can’t really get enough of the little fellow, as it creates a relaxing welcoming environment while keeping a simple elegance.

The ‘Jamaican’ collection is a reverence to the wonderful era of the 1930s. The design of the chair was inspired by its namesake bar in Milano, which was frequented by artists and intellectuals. The ‘Jamaican’ collection definitely pays tribute to art deco, however with a contemporary edge.

Last year Pedrali entered the office furniture market with quite the vibrato. They introduced the ‘Elinor’ chair, the ‘Boxie’ storage units, and the ‘Snooze’ panels.

However, this year they expand the office line with the new electric ‘Arki’ table fully height controlled by an app. The table can have 3 saved customized settings and have up to 5 users per table. The table meets the much-needed desire for flexibility and functionality in an ever-changing office environment, which allows the table to adapt to its users and not vice versa. Pedrali also introduces the ‘Elinor‘ table, which challenges the traditional table leg. The two elements can be positioned in different ways, allowing for a variety of aesthetics. Again Pedrali manages to create an interplay between different materials, catering to many different design needs’

Last but certainly not least, Pedrali introduced the ‘Temps’ chair, which has a lightness and elegance about it, unlike any other office chair. The functionality, like the Arki table, satisfies a need to be freed from the traditional confinement of office space by being flexible and customizable in all its different functions.

Here at Interra Designs, we are very excited about the new Pedrali line and as an Exclusively Pedrali dealer in the US, we offer a complete showroom in Laguna Beach, California (Don’t worry, we can also ship samples).

We will also be showcasing Pedrali furniture at HDexpo in Las Vegas on the 15th to the 17th of May; booth #1863, where we will bring a wide array of Pedrali furniture (use our code to get a free entrance pass)

We would love to see you there, but if you can’t make it we are always available at www.interradesigns.com, where you can browse all the amazing Pedrali collections as well as request a quote.

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