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We are doing it!! A whole blog post on the Babila collection as mentioned in our previous blog post.

It’s pretty exciting and also not the easiest blog post to write. The Babila collection is one of the biggest Pedrali product families and there are so many awesome ways to customize, so I can already say now that we will not be getting around every option, but we will for sure take a closer look at the different styles (Also, should you want to take a look at more of the options, go to our website - we got you covered.)

Let’s start with a short note on the designer and the idea behind the collection.

The Babila Collection is designed by the very talented Odoardo Fioravanti, who studied Industrial Design at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic. Since 2003 he has been working as an industrial designer, also experimenting with graphic and exhibition design.

The idea behind the Babila collection was to have a focus on the interplay between tradition and innovation. Odo (for short) wanted the simplicity of the Babila chair to allow for a timeless design with a modern twist while offering many different styles and options within the same collection And man, did he deliver.

With that said, let’s move on to the juicy stuff. A glance into the wonderful, colorful world of Pedrali’s Babila Collection.

The first two styles we will be looking at is the Babila armchair and the Babila shell chair (as well as their concomitant barstools). These two designs were created to cater to the hospitality industry allowing for a diverse look while maintaining a streamlined design throughout the space in question.

Let’s talk about the Babila armchair first. This chair introduces the comfort and elegance of a high-end chair, without breaking the bank. Natraj Indian restaurant in Irvine just furnished their dining room with the Babila armchair and it really gives the restaurant a great clean, modern vibe. Both the armchair and the barstools come in upholstered or with a polypropylene shell as well with a wooden or metal frame (suited for outdoors with the metal frame - Seriously, what can’t this chair do??)

The equally amazing but more downplayed family member is the Babila shell chair as well the stools. It is one of my favorites in the Babila family along with the Babila comfort chair… I’m getting ahead of myself though, we will get to that one later. Anyways the simplicity and cleanness of the Babila shell chair really make it a great piece. Like a lot of other Pedrali pieces, it fits well in a simple modern setting where you really notice the design, but it also works so well in settings where you want a more downplayed design that doesn’t demand all your attention. Like the Babila armchair, the Babila shell chair can be accompanied by a cushion or be fully upholstered and can be paired with wooden or metal legs. Also, all the wood is FSC branded and who doesn’t want to sit in their beautiful wooden furniture which hasn’t affected the shrinking number of trees in the world (sorry, for the guilt trip - I mean well)

Not too long ago the Babila Collection grew both in family size but also in chair size with the Babila Comfort. As mentioned above when I got a little ahead of my self, the comfort collection is definitely one of my favorites. As Odo explains it this chair helps confront the increased need to incorporate great design and comfort in the hospitality industry. Odo describes the chair as a very generous object - both in shape, design, and comfort. The mix of lines and curves creates a very modern look without compromising comfort. The Babila Comfort has the option of wooden legs which pays tribute to the classic timeless design while the metal legs give the chair a modern simplistic look. The swivel base (the really thought about everything) makes the Babila a great addition to any office environment where you need to have agility.

(Disclaimer: I have one of these in my apartment in grey wool and I absolutely love it, so I might be a bit biased.)

Now Pedrali takes the Babila collection a step further by adding the Babila table. Yep, there is a table specifically made to match the sleekness of all the wonderful Babila chairs. The Babila table comes in black, white and different shades of grey with wooden legs and in the true Pedrali spirit, the Babila table goes perfect with all the different Babila chair styles.

I want to add a final note on the Babila Collection relating to the durability of the chairs and table. The wooden legs actually have a steel enforced frame going halfway down the leg to heighten the already amazing quality and durability of the chair. This steel frame provides the same durability as the steel legs but with the delicate look of the wooden leg. Just thought that was worth mentioning :)

If you would like more info on any of the Babila products (or any other Pedrali product), we will be more than happy to help. You can get in touch with us here!

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