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We are coming back strong after being off the grid for a little bit here at the Interra Designs blog. A lot of things have been happening here, amongst others a trip to Italy to see the factory and get an introduction to the production of all the amazing Pedrali furniture, BDNY in NY has also been a big focus for us as well as attending (and sponsoring) the eventful BiTAC in California.

With that being said we are back and coming in hot with the introduction of the new Jazz chair and in relation to this, it seems only fitting to introduce the complete Jazz product line. (Quick note, the Jazz chair below is rocking the Pantone coral color of the year like its no one’s business.)

Let’s get to it! The OG Jazz chair was introduced in 2017 and is designed by Pedrali R&D, who also designed the amazing Brera and Feel amongst others (the list is quite extensive so I will stop at two). The Jazz chair is an elegant, embracing and curvy little thing which gives it a great expression and a big personality. It stands out in any room and from experience, we notice that it is one of the first chairs clients notice when going to our showroom, which says quite a lot considering the amount of furniture we have in the showroom.

The Jazz chair carries an amazing royal blue velvet fabric in most of the photos show in this blog, however it is also available in vegan leather and bright fabrics which can be combined with a brushed bronze, titanium, antique brass, antique copper or powder-coated frame to costuming the look (that royal blue velvet with the antique brass frame though (pictured above).

Along with the Jazz chair Pedrali also introduced the Jazz barstool, which for obvious reasons compliments the Jazz chair like no other. The barstool keeps the curved lines but makes the backrest smaller to accommodate the bar scene.

With the Jazz collection Pedrali provides an elegant, yet very comfortable piece of furniture, which is sure to intrigue anyone who sees it.

Since 2017 Pedrali hasn’t really expanded the Jazz collection until now and boy was it with the wait. They just introduced the Jazz armless chair. The simplicity creates a whole new look while the unique frame going across the back (awesome detail) and lush cushions allow it to blend perfectly with the armchair and the barstool.

The Jazz armless chair is a welcomed addition to the Jazz collection as the armchair takes up a bit more space the armless chair can accommodate a smaller environment with the same elegance and style.

Here at Interra, we can’t wait to get our hands on a showroom piece!! It’s going to be a glorious piece of velvety wrapt design.

If you want to see more of the Pedrali collection, visit our website, where you can also request quotes on any and all Pedrali furniture!

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Lastly, if you happen to be at BDNY this weekend, don’t forget to hit us up at booth 2788! We will be waiting with a smile and a cup of espresso.

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